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“ We offer a tailored audit approach, with a strong emphasis on early planning and attendant emphasis on how your business functions...”

Business Advisory Services

The KBL approach to Business Advisory Services is to employ our knowledge in the context of your overall business objectives. To that end, KBL provides services that are diagnostic tools by which clients can identify and address business challenges and opportunities.

Beyond audit, financial review and general accounting services, our clients rely on us for a full range of strategic services.

  • In connection with mergers, acquisitions and sales, the firm assists businesses in identifying financing sources and understanding due diligence investigations.
  • We understand the concerns of entrepreneurial private businesses, and recognize how to strike the right balance between business and personal interests.
  • We help growing companies with everything from raising financing and/or venture capital to navigating through an initial public offering (IPO).
  • Publicly owned companies can draw upon the large KBL Public Company/SEC team to provide guidance concerning SEC regulations and compliance, as well as financing strategy. Public companies appreciate our responsiveness, insight, and creativity in meeting their domestic and global needs.
  • We provide various levels of accounting services to meet a company's internal needs. Many small-to-mid-sized businesses, for example, rely on our Small Business Services Group for accounting, bookkeeping, tax, and advisory services.

We help you to connect your audit, tax and management activities into a unified set of initiatives, designed to build your business. You receive the full value of our business acumen, objectivity, technical skills, prudent judgment and insightful guidance. We can join your team at any point in your growth cycle to assist you in securing financing, making informed management decisions, responding effectively to competitive challenges, and preparing for the future.