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“ We offer a tailored audit approach, with a strong emphasis on early planning and attendant emphasis on how your business functions...”

Audit & Assurance

In today's challenging and ever-changing economic environment, businesses need trusted advisers. The Audit and Assurance professionals of KBL take the time to fully understand the unique dynamics of each client's business to better serve them.

The financial statement audit is considered the cornerstone of Assurance Services. Our software tools and applications, combined with our talented team of professionals, bring the power of knowledge to your audit. Our audit teams examine and attest to the fact that a company's financial statements are following appropriate professional standards.

Our Audit Approach

We offer a tailored audit approach, with a strong emphasis on early planning and attendant emphasis on how your business functions. This enables us to identify key audit components and adopt our procedures to the unique aspects of your business. The benefit to you is an effective, cost-efficient independent audit, performed in a timely manner by experienced professionals.

Our risk assessment process provides:

  • An assessment of inherent risks at the financial record and account
    balance levels,
  • An evaluation of your internal control structure and the subsequent
    assessment of your control risk,
  • An assessment of the effectiveness of your analytical procedures in
    controlling and detecting risk.

Audit Planning

We will communicate closely and regularly with your audit committee, accounting staff, controller and CEO during the audit process. From preliminary audit planning and work, through delivery of reports and presentation of a comprehensive management letter, we strive to maintain open communication.

Audit Tools

We incorporate customized internal control review techniques and forms to use on our audits. We use industry-specific audit programs that are tailored by your engagement team to address critical risks specific to your company. We use field audit software programs to simplify the routine aspects of audit work. When possible, we request and use electronic copies of your records, allowing us to perform fewer manual procedures and improving audit efficiency.

Public Company (SEC) Audit

We have an outstanding reputation for the delivery of quality SEC services. Our firm excels in assisting SEC clients with managing their public-company risks. We realize the importance of quality financial information, and are very aware of the time constraints typically encountered with SEC filings.

Our approach includes:

  • Audits specifically designed for mid-sized and emerging-growth companies with consideration for their controls, systems and personnel,
  • Keeping our clients informed of the latest SEC developments,
  • Active involvement with audit committees to ensure their involvement throughout the audit process.

We work with public companies, ranging from high-growth start-ups to well established established middle-market enterprises, and, no matter how large or small a business we ensure that each and every client receives a high level of personal attention and service.

Our firm's reputation for excellence has grown out of an ability to bring you:

  • Close, personalized attention,
  • Substantial SEC expertise,
  • A strong focus on dynamics of middle market companies,
  • Reasonable cost structure,
  • Strict adherence to recognized and established public company practice.

Our audit approach is designed to minimize business and audit risk associated with the audit process of public entities via:

  • Client acceptance policies that requires the full cooperation a company's management team with members of our firm.
  • Client acceptance policies that require full disclosure in order to, for example, guage the liklihood that a business will succeed or evaluate the level of risk assumed by its investors,
  • Audit engagements conducted by staff with the requisite degree of experience needed to handle the complexity of a particular client engagement
  • Planning, in order, to ensure the timely identification of key business and accounting issues and audit strategies
  • The involvement of concurring partners, who are not on the engagement team, to objectively review the working papers and financial statements before they are finalized

As a public accounting firm registered with the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board, KBL, LLP abides by and is governed by the rules of the PCAOB.