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“ We offer a tailored audit approach, with a strong emphasis on early planning and attendant emphasis on how your business functions...”

Cross Border International Practices

The partners of KBL have worked with clients throughout the world to help structure, organize, and manage their business and reporting requirements. Our cross border specialists provide a variety of professional services to multinational companies with a US presence.

Start-Up Phase

  • Advising on the differences in business practices between their home country and the United States
  • Advising on appropriate corporate structures
  • Assisting in obtaining US federal identification numbers
  • Preparing required registration forms

Tax Planning and Compliance

  • Outlining the documentation requirements for related party transactions, including transfer pricing
  • Coordinating with home country professionals to obtain the best worldwide tax structure
  • Discussing the US tax implications when home office personnel work in the US
  • Preparing US or foreign branch federal, state, and local tax returns


  • Assisting in record-keeping for the US entity, and reporting to the home office
  • Advising on mandatory insurance coverage
  • Facilitating payroll servicing for clients with absentee management
  • Recommending attorneys, insurance brokers and other professionals
  • Training personnel on software
  • Acting as liaison with home office