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KBL and Richard Levychin have been invaluable to our firm, going far beyond the services offered by the typical accounting firm, including providing access to potential investors as well as business opportunities for our company.

Their points of distinction include their integrity, creativity, service orientation, and selflessness. I would highly recommend KBL and lookforward to a continued relationship with them.

Tim Greenfield, President,

Gold Mobile.

Emerging Business Group

Start-up and emerging companies may generate little, if any, taxable income at inception. Yet, when periods of significant growth follow, these companies cannot afford to ignore tax planning and other tax related decisions and accounting and financial presentation issues. With solid advice and an eye toward the future, such a company can take advantage of available tax elections and provisions in the tax code to minimize the rate at which it "burns" its seed or venture capital money and to maximize the after-tax cash flow once it becomes profitable.

Emerging companies often turn to us for advice on how to gain the greatest tax benefits and proper financial statement presentation and structure, whether they are creating a start-up venture or dealing with issues that result from rapid growth. Our professionals have a thorough understanding of the accounting, financial reporting, and tax issues faced by all types of entities, whether they are S corporations, partnerships, or limited liability companies. We adapt this knowledge to your needs. We are on hand to monitor and advise you of the changing internal and external conditions that ultimately affect your bottom line. It all adds up to cost-effective tax advice, advocacy, and action in the context of your unique business strategy.

Our tax planning and advisory services are highly effective because they are based on a thorough understanding of each client's operations and industry. We can guide you through organizational tax planning and compliance, advise you regarding opportunities for growth (through mergers and acquisitions or going public), and consult on exit strategies. Effective planning can be done at the organizational stage to maximize tax write-offs, minimize the income and estate taxes that could arise when the principals of a successful venture "cash out," and effectuate the proper presentation of financial statements for prospective investors.

We realize the importance of attracting and retaining key people to the success of your business, and can suggest cash and non-cash compensation strategies, compensation plans, qualified retirement plans, stock options, and equity-based arrangements that may result in favorably taxed capital gains.