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KBL is second to none, providing consistently reliable and dependable accounting services. The staff is very proactive in identifying issues before they become costly problems. Most importantly, you can always be confident about security and confidentiality with KBL. I can honestly say that Black Enterprise will be with KBL for a long, long time.

Jacques Jiha, Former Executive Vice President & Chief Financial Officer, Black Enterprise Magazine, Earl G. Graves, Ltd., Current NYC Commissioner of Finance

Sports, Media and Entertainment

The sports, media, and entertainment industries are shifting fundamentally—and so must how you conduct business. Competition has never been more intense. Innovation is proceeding at a formidable pace and technology is presenting both substantial threats and tantalizing new opportunities. Many traditional business models are either not sustainable or no longer relevant. Customer wants and needs are evolving dramatically. The tax and accounting landscape is evolving. The array of business relationships and new markets available to you is global. And, all of this transformation is occurring against the backdrop of a constantly shifting and challenging economic and regulatory environment, making sound financial and business guidance more of a necessity than ever before.

While the attributes that normally define individuals in the Creative & Performing Arts—emotional, passionate, risk-taking—are generally not those readily identified with accounting firms, at KBL we have developed the skills and insights that allow us to effectively bridge these two disparate worlds.

KBL’s Sports, Media, and Entertainment practice focuses on the specialized needs unique to your industry. Whether you are an athlete, entertainer, producer, media company, sports league or franchise, theatre group, a high net worth individual, an emerging business, or a public company, we have an insider’s view of the key trends and developments driving your industry today and tomorrow.

We create customized solutions that deliver the expertise, analytic and strategic support you need to succeed in a fast-changing world to help clients add value, anticipate new trends, and manage market change.

Some of the key issues we are helping our clients address on a daily basis include:

  • Business and cash management
  • Deal structure including corporate restructuring, evaluation of potential acquisitions, and business valuations
  • Licensing & royalty examinations
  • Audit, financial review, and general accounting services, including back-office solutions
  • Tax compliance
  • Merger and acquisition advisory services
  • Cross border and international advisory services
  • Litigation support and forensics accounting
  • Personal financial and estate planning

The industry segments we serve include:

  • Advertising and marketing
  • Sports
  • Broadcast and cable
  • Filmed entertainment
  • Music
  • Interactive media
  • Publishing

From audit and tax services to transactional advice, look to the professionals in KBL's Sports, Media & Entertainment Group for the creative solutions to help your creative entity get to the next level.

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