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Public Company (SEC) Practices Group

When your company's performance is under scrutiny by shareholders, analysts, and the press, you need experienced accountants on your advisory team who are swiftly and effective in their response.

Our clients view KBL partners as valuable business advisors as well as accountants. Fulfilling such a role demands that we take the time to really know you and your business, and we stay current with your business and we are proactive in meeting your needs. We are committed to imparting precise and accurate financial information within the strict time constraints typically encountered with SEC filing.

Our approach includes:

  • Audits specifically designed for mid-sized and emerging-growth companies with consideration for their controls, systems and personnel,
  • Keeping our clients informed of the latest SEC developments,
  • Active involvement with audit committies to ensure their involvement throughout the audit process.

Our firm's reputation for excellence has grown out of its ability to offer you:

  • Personalized service,
  • Substantial SEC expertise,
  • A focus on middle market companies,
  • Reasonable cost structure,
  • The professionalism associated with an established public company practice.

Our audit approach is designed to minimize business and audit risk associated with the audit process of public entities via:

  • Client acceptance policies that require the full cooperation of a company's management team with members of our firm.
  • Client's acceptance that require full disclosure in order to gauge, for example, the likelihood that a business will succeed or to evaluate the level of risk assumed by its investors.
  • Audit engagements, staffed with individuals with requisite degree of experience needed to handle the complexity of a particular client engagement
  • Planning in order to ensure the timely identification of key business and accounting issues and audit strategies,
  • The involvement of concurring partners, who are not on the engagement team, to objectively review the working papers and financial statements before they are finalized

As a public accounting firm registered with the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board, KBL, LLP abides by, and is governed by, the rules of the PCAOB.

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